Using distressed antique mirrors for a shabby décor theme

Shabby chic is a term that is often banded around in the world of interior design? What exactly is it, and what is the simplest way of incorporating this style?
Shabby chic is a décor style that makes use of elements that are chosen for their appearance of age and signs of use over the years or when new items are distressed to make them appear like an antique. A shabby chic décor theme is appealing in more ways than one. When done in the right manner, this style can strike the perfect balance between warm and welcoming and elegant looking. The vibe is artistic and makes the place look visually appealing.
Our top pick for shabby chic appeal are antique distressed mirrors. These are not too imposing and quite glamorous at the same time. Distressed mirrors with their charming signs of age can give your place some serious appeal.
The effect of age on a mirror is quite stunning, and there is an intriguing quality about it. An antique mirror can work in a room of a house for different purposes. The charm of period mirrors can never fail to work, similar to a piece of antique furniture, the charm of an antique mirror amidst sleek modernity will add an element of interest and design.
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