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We are worldwide suppliers of antique mirrors and decorative mirrors in various shapes and sizes. Including Antique French mirrors, English antique mirrors, Victorian mirrors, landscape mirrors and much more . We have over 30 years of experience and pride ourselves in offering our customers excellent value for money.

Our viewable stock consists of over 450 mirrors,  the largest selection in the South of England and within an hour or so from London, we also offer free UK delivery (Excluding Scotland and Ireland).

Our selection includes large antique mirrors used as floor standing mirrors or large wall mirrors, antique painted mirrors, antique distressed mirrors, large antique mirrors, landscape/portrait mirrors, antique oval mirrors, gilt mirrors, decorative mirrors including decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors for any desired space for your home.

No need to worry about the hanging of an antique mirror you choose, as we can arrange with a professional company who specialises in the hanging of mirrors, they are based in London.

Latest Stock

A Fabulous highly useful size Antique French 19th Century carved wood & gesso arched top painted Mirror.

ref. 3855    £595

Width: 65cm
Height: 93cm

A Stunning large Antique French 19th Century carved wood & gesso distressed painted etched and gilt Mirror.

ref. 3854    £895

Width: 100cm
Height: 143cm

A Delightful good size Antique French 19th Century carved wood arched top painted Mirror.

ref. 3853    £595

Width: 93cm
Height: 77cm

A Wonderful large Early English 20th Century carved wood painted Overmantle Mirror.

ref. 3852    £995

Width: 139cm
Height: 152cm

A Superb useful size Antique French 19th Century carved wood & gesso arched top original silver/gilt distressed Mirror.

ref. 3851    £495

Width: 57cm
Height: 72cm

A Fabulous highly unusual size Antique French 19th Century carved wood & gesso original gilt Oval Mirror.

ref. 3850    £650

Width: 56cm
Height: 91cm

A Wonderful good size Antique English 19th Century carved wood painted Mirror.

ref. 3849    £750

Width: 124cm
Height: 118cm

An Exceptional large Antique French 19th Century carved wood & gesso shaped top original gilt Mirror.

ref. 3848    £2,495

Width: 114cm
Height: 207cm

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Dramatic Mirrors for Commercial Spaces

Dramatic tones of larger-than-life mirrors often triumph in interior decoration. You have likely seen majestic mirrors utilised in hotel foyers or the reception areas of business premises. These make beautiful decorative accessories or provide highly effective focal points that draw the eye. Mirrors are especially relevant in commercial spaces as they are functional as well as decorative.

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