Large Antique Mirrors

From homes to hotel lobbies, antique distressed mirrors are becoming a trend in the interior decor world. While there are those who go for distressed mirrors created using techniques that can recreate the aging effects , there are plenty of authentic ones available that can look even more unique and elegant.

After all, nothing can replace the true feel of an antique mirror beautifully marked by the effects of time. These give a room an authentic character, creating a stunning atmosphere like no other. Distressed mirrors can bring in the charm of a historical place while infusing your decor with the brilliance of stately decor.

Studded or mottled, the effects of aging can have a hugely positive effect on an antique mirror making it aesthetically appealing in any setting. Beautiful statement mirrors with clean lines and simple ornate detailing can offer style as well as design possibilities without being an intimidating presence in the decor.

Mirrors like the ones available at Cleall Antiques are beautiful examples from the world of antiques with different design details. Some with clean and simple lines, some mirrors in a rich gilded look that can add beauty to the decor. Creating interesting reflections using these mirrors as decorative accessories, such as reflecting chandeliers, paintings or any other artifacts, can look interesting. By incorporating mirrors in your decor theme, there is a lot of scope to play around with and the mirror itself acts as an accessory.

If you have a project in the pipeline where you would like to feature an old mirror, have a look at our website to view our available options. We have the kind of mirrors that can effortlessly bring an air of sophistication to your space. Get in touch to learn more.