Choosing Your Landscape Wall Mirror

Antique and vintage mirrors often are charming and often add to the decorative appeal of the place. The subtle signs of usage, the worn lines and a distressed patina work together in the most amazing manner to make them mysterious yet elegant. For some drama and mystery in the contemporary homes, antique mirrors are a must have. The larger mirrors especially are more functional since these can be used for creating an illusion of space where there is a lack of it as also to reflect light and increase the brightness.
At Cleall Antiques you will find one of the largest collections of quality antique decorative French and English antique mirrors. The range is one of the largest and very versatile in terms of types, shapes and sizes, designs, origins etc. There are large floor standing mirrors, overmantal mirrors, landscape and portrait mirrors, gilt and painted mirrors, decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors and a lot more.
Here are a few quick tips to help you select the right antique or vintage mirror:
Most important aspects while choosing your mirror is the shape, size and style of the mirrors. If you are planning to incorporate a mirror from the old world into your modern home, the overall decor theme has to be taken into consideration.
You need to find a shape that works best in your setting. If you are looking at a mirror to help you open up a space, you can go for a horizontal mirror to help you accentuate the width or a vertical one will accentuate the height and take the attention upwards. The round or oval shapes work well to bring in a softer look.
Size matters and you need to ensure that the size of the mirror is just right for the space where you plan to incorporate it. A single small mirror on a large empty wall will look insignificant and will lose its charm as well.
If you want the mirror to work as your focal point, a mirror with an ornate frame will look dramatic and will draw the eye. Ornate, carved or gilt frames are the best for such a purpose and usually are best suited for traditional or ethnic settings. When intelligently incorporated, these can be used for a classic contrast in the home.
Mirrors with clean and simple lines are suitable for a casual or modern interior. Whimsical frames and mirrors with a distressed appearance work well for a country look or an eclectic room.
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