Carved Floor Mirror

Why are floor-length mirrors good? Because these standalone floor mirrors or wall hanging mirrors are the best means of adding an instant decorative touch to any space in your home! Large floor-length mirrors also create an illusion of space. These reflect more light, thus brightening up your space while also opening it up.
These are the mirrors that every home should have at least one of, whether it is to see yourself or for its practical use in your interiors. A full-length mirror will always add a unique appeal to any space.
If you want a traditional mirror in your decor, at Cleall Antiques, we have an amazing collection. Not always classic in style, but unique and not a high street replica. Whether it is a focal point that you might be looking for or a mirror that is simple yet holds its own in any kind of decor, we have plenty in store with us.
Check out our latest stock to have a look at a fantastic variety of carved wood and gesso mirrors in our collection. The variety on offer is the largest in the UK and totally versatile, with each and every mirror having a certain characteristic feature that sets it apart. These are all available in different shapes and sizes and are in the best of their forms.
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