Antique Bathroom Mirrors - Why and How You Should Consider Them

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom, but many a times the style aspect is not considered when it comes to these. If mirrors can be great accents for your rooms, why not use these as accents for your bathrooms as well. Mirrors add a touch of sparkle to any room. So these can be considered to add a decorative element in your bathrooms as well. If you love all that is vintage/antique and want to create a bathroom to follow the theme of your otherwise traditional look or even a standalone theme, mirrors are the best options to help achieve the look.
For a bathroom that is relatively plain and drab, a decorative antique mirror can give it a dramatic makeover. A decorative overmantle mirror often sits well above the sink in the bathroom to create a very stylish overall look. For a very small bathroom, strategically placed mirrors are a boon. These make the bathroom appear  bigger. The best way to enhance the space in a tiny shower is by placing a vertical length mirror.
Corners and edges in the bathroom can be softened and made less evident with large round and oval mirrors. For shabby chic or very rustic looking bathrooms, the simple mirror with clean lines and minimalist designs can do well. Who said you should stick to one or just a pair of mirrors. A cluster of smaller mirrors often works well in the bathrooms too.
Adding an interesting shape will give your space a new dimension. There are quite a few mirrors from the old world that are uniquely shaped. The world of vintage/antiques offers a lot in terms of styles and types since every style era and place had something different to offer. You can always mix and match to create something unique. Adding backlights to a mirror with the help of LED strips or the like can create a very good look. Enhance the look of a simple traditional mirror with some strategic light effects.
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