Add a Large Long Wall Mirror to your Home

Beautiful mirrors are an aesthetically appealing inclusion in any home. These apart from being functional for the most mundane of the purposes are functional when it comes to your decor too.
Large decorative mirrors can be easily used in the homes to open up a space and make it look larger as also reflect light to brighten up a room. Full length mirrors are a necessary inclusion in any home, not only for checking your full reflection but also for the reasons mentioned above. A full length mirror is at least 48 inches or more in height.

The most common type of full length decoraive mirror is the wall mounted one. A wall mirror gives the reflection of the entire body and does not even take up a lot of space, making it the ideal choice for places that have limited space. The antique floor length mirrors with good looking frames can dramatically add to the look and feel of a room. For those who need an absolutely space saving door mirror, there are quite a few simple options available too. Such mirrors are very popular for use on the backs of bedrooms or bathrooms and even closet doors.
For those who have the space for a free standing full length mirror, nothing like it! In can be a charming choice and apart from being a very functional piece it can also be utilized smartly as a decorative piece. Amongst the free standing mirrors you have options like the floor standing ones which are tall and normally rectangular shaped with a frame which either rests on the floor or on short front legs with a foldable stand behind the mirror. The foldable mirrors are handy for tight spaces like corners and can be stored away easily. The Cheval mirrors created in France in the 17th century come with have four legs which allow the mirror to be tilted any angle required and hence these double as dressing mirrors too. The vintage Cheval mirrors usually came in an oval shape with carved frames.
If you want to incorporate the full length mirrors in your decor, you need to pay attention to the available space, style as well as function. If you are looking for the antique ones you should pay extra attention to the space as you need to take more care with the vintage and antique options. For homes without wall space a door or floor mirror can be the right choice. The door mirror can also open up the space making it look bigger.
Style is important since the mirror you choose should look good in the home and fit in to the decor well. Function wise speaking, depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can go for the choice from amongst the different options. Browse through Cleall Antiques to have a look at the wide variety of decorative antique mirrors.