A different take on classic French mirrors

Painted antique mirrors are a great way to include classic pieces into your home but with a bright and contemporary feel to them. Traditional browns and deep rich colour tones might look a little out of place in the modern decor where painted mirrors can blend in effortlessly.

Cleall Antiques has a fabulous range of French painted mirrors suitable for the modern decor. With such a collection, we ensure you you can find the right antique mirror, with a contemporary twist, that will fit well into your home. And, choosing antique mirrors over new mirrors adds charm and design flair.

French mirrors are wonderfully decorative items that can effortlessly make them an attention-grabbing centrepiece. A great French painted mirror will help you set the ambience of a room; add some drama and maybe a little magic to your contemporary decor.

So if you would love to dress up your space beautifully, a fresh and good looking French painted mirror is exactly what you need when traditional antiques in their usual colour tones may not blend in so well! Check out our collection at Cleall Antiques to get a better idea of what we have in store for you.