Antique Furniture

A Stunning highly decorative early Antique 19th Century French ornate carved wood painted 2 drawer Commode.

ref. 2512    £1,250 (US $1,550)

Width: 130cm
Height: 99cm

A Fabulous large free standing French carved wood painted Console Table.

ref. 2371    £795 (US $986)

Width: 142cm
Height: 88cm

A Highly Decorative painted 19th Century Antique painted Console Table.

ref. 1583    £495 (US $614)

Width: 96cm
Height: 89cm

A very useful Decorative large early Antique 19th Century Fruitwood Painted Housekeepers Cupboard.

ref. 1490    £850 (US $1,054)

Width: 146cm
Height: 224cm

French Painted marble top side table.

ref. 0898    £395 (US $490)

Width: 0cm
Height: 0cm

Sold Antique Furniture

A Stunning Highly decorative distressed painted early Antique 19th Century French carved wood 2 part Buffet de Corps.

ref. 1638    SOLD

Width: cm
Height: cm
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More about Cleall Antiques Furniture

The approach of individuals and decorators towards interior decoration has changed tremendously now days. The current trend is all about mixing the various styles of decoration and more and more number of people are willing to experiment with things in order to create a personal space that is unique and holds a distinctive appeal. Unlike the previous times now days form and function receives equal importance. Decorative furniture is used quite often but no one opts for matching and well coordinated themes anymore.
Individuals and decorators all play around with various different ideas and try harmonizing the traditional and contemporary styles. These styles merge in very well together and even a single decorative antiques element in an otherwise urban setting can make a great difference when it comes to the look and the feel of the place. A bit of imagination and a strong vision can turn any place into an eclectic blend of the classic and the contemporary.
This section features some of the rare and ornate pieces of Decorative French Antique Furniture and English Antique Furniture from Cleall Antiques. There are also a number of other decorative English Antiques, Italian and French Antiques in this small but well selected repertoire. Antique furniture from the 18th century to 20th century is quite unique and will give your place a timeless feel. Antiques are there to stay and will never really go out of style. So choose your decorative antiques well and turn your place into something that is visually appealing and artistically unique.