Why Are French Antique Mirrors so Popular?

Antique French Mirrors give so much character to the rooms and they  invariably become the focal point of the room with their light and airy feel.

There is a large increase in popularity of antique large floor standing mirrors. Where sometimes hanging is not an option these can stand in bedrooms as dressing mirrors, hallways or as bathroom mirrors etc  In view of the popularity of these large French antique mirrors we stock a large variety that are ideal for this purpose.
In a French Antique mirror and in most other antique mirrors the softness in the original mercury mirror also gives that special worn glint that catches people’s eye as they sparkle in the light to create a wonderful antique original feel.

For customers liviing in the right area we offer a trial view servce to those keen to buy but undecided between one or two desins/ szes etc. To help you visualise the antique mirror in your home and how it would look over the fireplace or wall we can offer to bring them to see in situ with a few suggestions of style so then you can decide which would work for you in your own home.
Another service we offer to London mirror buyers is a mirror hanging service so you do not have to hang the large antique mirror yourself. We can recommend a London company thet specialise in mirror hanging and are always happy to discuss hanging your mirrors.

We source the majority of our antique French mirrors from France and mainland Europe, coming from French chateaux and closing down cafes and Bistros etc.
Our stock constantly changes from week to week with more antique and decorative mirrors being added to our existing very large stock  so there is always something for everyone’s taste and décor.

We have a very sophisticated search engine on our antique and decorative mirrors website home page. Here when you add your desired height/width of your  mirror it will bring up all the mirrors which we have in stock within your size range. This saves you scrolling through all of the mirrors.

We share a passion for original antique 19th century mirrors and we have a lot of returning clients who come back to us again and again. We hope we can help you with your requirements and would love to hear from you.