Where to Find 19th Century Mirrors

If you are looking out for a quality vintage /antique decorative mirror you have come to the right place.

Cleall Antiques is undisputedly one of the largest suppliers of quality antique decorative French and English antique mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our very large and versatile stock consists of more than 400 mirrors in different forms. These includes large floor standing mirrors, overmantal mirrors, landscape and portrait mirrors, gilt and painted mirrors, decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors and a lot more.

Whatever might be your design needs we are sure to provide you with something to satisfy your decorative requirements to help you add a charming element in your decor that is great form and function wise. We provide you with a variety that is diverse in every possible way be is form wise or origin wise. You can obtain from us without bothering about the quality and authenticity of our antiques.
We deal only in genuine pieces.

We are also members of the Petworth Antiques and Decorative Arts Association which only enlists genuine dealers.

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