So What is Good About Silver Framed Mirrors?

Mirrors are not only practical but also they help brighten up, open up and beautify your home. Carefully incorporated mirrors in a decor goes a long way in making a place look aesthetically very appealing and artistic. In addition these mirrors tend to 'open up' a space by making it seem larger and spacious. Placed in front of large window with a great view allows you to capture the picture perfect view that changes with time.

So apart from the obvious uses, an nice decorative mirror makes one of the best decorative accessories as well. So now why silver framed mirrors? Even though this is a matter of personal preference, silver framed mirrors make a very chic and classy addition to a decor. These make a decorative accessory that will literally lend a silver lining to your decor. A calm hue as silver instantly adds a fresh vibe to a place with its dazzling shimmer. If you have a very neutral decor, silver will perfectly complement and balance the neutral tones.

Silver framed mirrors are the perfect accessory to add this touch of luxury as these are the easiest to source and incorporate, are just what is necessary and do not go over the top.

Picture shows this perfect example of a spectacular large Antique 19th Century French original distressed carved wood & gesso silvered framed Bistro Mirror with original mercury mirror and backboards can be used landscape or portrait. With measurements of 1 metre 56 cm high and 1 metre wide

So if you are convinced about incorporating silver framed mirrors in your decor, head to our ‘Antique Decorative Silvered Mirrors’ section to have a look at what we have in store for you.