Plain Antique Mirrors for Interiors

Compact rooms can look stylish and more spacious when planned out in the right manner. Mirrors work wonders in such cases and can open up the space. Putting a large mirror on the wall or hanging two large mirrors on opposite walls can create a perception of depth and openness.

Alternatively, if your room has a window, placing the mirror opposite can reflect the natural light that comes in creating a brighter space. Large mirrors also do a great job of reflecting a decorative accessory such as a chandelier or any other piece of art.

We have seen many of our antique mirrors add to the beauty of countless contemporary homes. The unique appeal of our collection is that we have a mix of ornate, crested, gilded and also simple mirror options. If you are looking for something simple yet impactful, we have an excellent selection of plain and simple mirrors that are packed with charm. So whether you are planning to revamp your existing space, or in the process of decorating a new home, we have a good range of options for each and every room in your home.

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