Ornate Classics: Gilt Mirrors

Do you wish to add a touch of elegance and glamour to your home? At Cleall Mirrors, specialists in interior design, we always suggest a beautiful and grand gilt mirror. Mirrors make a visual delight, especially antique ones.
Why do antique mirrors make a good inclusion?
Because these are pretty and come with an inherent charm rendered upon them by their distressed patina and ornate look, many antique versions come with wonderfully ornate frames that make them look very grand. Mirrors make a highly decorative addition and can make a space feel brighter. Masters of illusion, they and can easily add a feeling of space. And when you look at gilt mirrors, these are another impressive story altogether!
Usually synonymous with royalty and luxury, gilt mirrors are a timeless choice for any decor theme, they bring a touch of drama and character. Ornate gilded mirrors from the past were an epitome of opulence with their rustic gold frame and delicate work. These charming mirrors from the world of antiques remain a lavish, ornate, golden decorative accessory loved by one and all.
If you want to add some authentic antique charm to your decor in an effortless manner, antique gilt mirrors are just perfect. These will prove to be the absolute game-changer. We have quite a few options in our collection. Visit our website to have a look or arrange to visit and view our extensive stock just 1 hour outside of London.