Ornate and Elegant Gilt Mirrors

If opulence and grandeur is your design calling, a giltwood mirror in your décor could be an interesting inclusion. Not only will it do complete justice to your design theme, but will also add a touch of class and elegance to your décor. These mirrors were often considered a status symbol in the olden homes and continue to be popular additions in modern day homes.
At Cleall Antiques, we have a wide range of antique gilded mirrors in stock.  The designs are quite versatile - some mirrors feature ornate crests while others have clean yet beautiful lines. The beauty of these mirrors lie in their originality and most of our mirrors retain their original glass and gilding. The original glass often has a shimmery glitter that adds to its beauty. Although these mirrors come with areas that are wearing away, these imperfections add to the appeal of the mirror.

Mirrors of this kind are an absolute delight with the inherent charm rendered upon them by their distressed patina and ornate look. We have quite a few versions of these mirrors that come with wonderfully ornate frames. Looking for something grand? You will definitely find a grand looking mirror here.
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