Incorporating a Mirror in the Decor: Tips to get you started

A mirror is one accessory that can beautifully enhance a room — a beautiful blend of function and style. While serving a decorative purpose, mirrors also can do a lot of good to your interiors by opening up and brightening up a space. Curious about how to place a fine mirror in your decor? Here are a few useful tips and tricks.
Before you begin your hunt for the perfect mirror, there are a few things to consider:
Your decor matters so adhere to its style. Adding a random mirror into the mix is bound to look chaotic. There has to be some element that matches so that even if the styles are a mismatch, there are elements that complement and blend well. If your style is slightly traditional, for instance, a rustic or wood frame mirror will work its magic well in your room.
The lighting in your room matters. Not only is the position of your mirror in the room essential, but placing it depending on the lighting is also necessary. For example, a mirror needs to be offset from a direct source of light to minimise glare.
Hanging it by the window is a favourite for many as the natural light reflecting through the space is always the most welcome ambience.
If you have a seemingly bland landscape that you want to change, having a mirror with lighting fixtures flanking it can make a great decorative element in your space.
Grouping is also a well-loved decorative detail that looks stunning. Hanging mirrors in groups is one of the simplest of the ways of adding character to a decor. Mirrors can be hung together the same way as artwork. Mirrors in pairs can also look great.
Landscape or portraits? Yes, we have those in mirrors too. Especially the antique ones! You will find plenty of such antique mirror options. Which ones do you choose? We have often felt that tall rooms do well with vertical mirrors, whereas long rooms can benefit more with mirrors that are set horizontally. Small rooms too can benefit from such mirrors as these can open up the room and make it appear bigger than it actually is.
While bedrooms or bathrooms are bound to have a pair or two of mirrors, if you aim to add a touch of extra flair to a living room or hallway, antique mirrors, ornate frames and distressed edges can work wonders while making a statement. And again your bathrooms or vanity can benefit with small mirrors placed there. You will find some very unique small mirrors to do this job for you.
Suppose you have a fireplace, nothing like adding a good old overmantle mirror. The aesthetic appeal of such a set up remains unmatched. Why only fireplaces, you can find ways to add these over modern fixtures as well and make it look appealing.
These are some of the tips to help you get started with your hunt for the right mirror. With design, the possibilities are always endless. So once you start, the ideas will surely flow. Start browsing through the various options first to get ideas about the available designs.