How to Choose the Perfect Large Overmantle Mirror

If you are looking for these mirrors specifically, there are a few things that you should think of.
Firstly since these mirrors are quite large, the place where these will be displayed needs to be measured in advance. One needs to ensure before buying that a large overmantle missor will not look overly imposing.
With a choice of gold coloured frame, silver or even white consider the best colour.

At Cleall Antiques, amidst our range of beautiful antique mirrors such as wall mirrors, extra large antique mirrors, landscape, portrait, round and oval mirrors, gilt / painted mirrors, decorative mirrors included decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors, we have a classic variety of overmantle mirrors as well for any desired space of your home.

An example of a good gold framed overmantle mirror is this wonderful large early Antique 19th Century French carved wood & gesso original gilt arched top Louis Philippe Mirror. It has original mercury mirrored glass and backboards with measurements of 1 metre 63 cm high and 1 metre 16 cm wide and 6 cm deep


Whether a traditional home or a sleek contemporary one, you will surely find an overmantle mirror in our collection that will enhance your living space in the most interesting manner.

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