How to buy distressed antique mirrors

Mirrors make a very charming addition to most interiors. And if these mirrors are old, then even better! The worn out and distressed look add to the dramatic appeal and character of the mirrors. If you are looking for distressed antique mirrors in the best of their forms, simply head to Cleall Antiques.
Cleall Antiques is home to one of the largest varieties of antique mirrors. In our versatile collection you will find a good selection of large antique mirrors used as floor length mirrors, wall mirrors, overmantal mirrors, extra large antique mirrors, landscape, portrait, round and oval mirrors, gilt / painted mirrors, decorative mirrors like decorative crested mirrors, beautiful pairs of mirrors etc.
You can simply head to our website and search for the mirror of your choice by putting in the size of the mirror or a reference number or item name. The ‘Mirror Search’ tab is available on our homepage itself. You can always search according to the type that you are looking for by selecting an option from the drop down menu in the ‘Mirrors’ Tab or by clicking on the suitable option from the tabs provided on the homepage.
You will surely find something charming from our very versatile stock for your home.
French mirrors such as this Delightful Pair of Antique 19th Century French carved wood and gesso distressed painted Mirrors with original mercury mirror. Can be used landscape or portrait and each measure 90 cms high x 79 cms wide

Visit our website to browse our large collection of French and decorative mirrors.