Great selection of antique ornate mirrors

Cleall Antiques is home to one of the largest collections of beautiful ornate mirrors.

When it comes to the world of antique mirrors, we have a lot available and new, recent stock. Mirrors belonging to different style periods all have a charm of their own with features unique to the era. These were often quite opulent and richly ornate making them a classic focal point in the contemporary homes.

Our collection is very versatile with stock that ranges from simple and elegant to artistically brilliant with pieces full of aesthetic appeal. We have a good variety of landscape or portrait mirrors in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. For those looking for something simple for their decor, we have options with clean lines and simple designs. For those wanting a mirror to create a focal point, there are beautiful ornate mirrors that reflect some classic historical elegance.

Floor standing mirrors can be used for decorative as well as functional purposes and we have an extensive range of these. Our collection includes arched top mirrors, fabulous large wall mirrors, extra large wall mirrors or floor standing mirrors, decorative silver framed and antique style mirrors to mention just a few. Our range of overmantle mirrors includes French overmantle mirror, antique gilt overmantle mirror, regency overmantle mirror, large silver ones, walnut mirrors, and more.

If you are looking for pairs, we also have these in our collection. At Cleall Antiques, we have the most versatile collection of antique mirrors in all shapes, sizes and styles and in great condition.

Browse through to have a look, and please do get in touch, we love to talk about the choices available, and welcome a visit!