Five good reasons why your home needs a large mirror

Mirrors are a luxurious addition to any home and are useful way beyond just checking your appearance. And if you are looking at some of the stunning antique options available, you add charm and a sense of magic too.
At Cleall Antique Mirrors we have come up with five of the best reasons why you should have at least one stunning oversized mirror in your home;
Up your style - Mirrors are superb decorative accessories that easily make your home shine. A household essential, but at the same time add a dash of chic style with their elegant appearance that goes beyond their primary purpose. Go antique and you get something unique, with a charm and appeal of its own.
Let in the light: Mirrors do a wonderful job of directing light and brightening up your home. For a room where natural light is less, mirrors can be strategically placed to make the room appear brighter.
Open up a room: Mirrors can easily make small rooms appear much bigger. Creating an illusion of space is something that a mirror does very well.
Reflect a decorative object or feature: Mirrors can be used to reflect another decorative feature in your room beautifully. Used cleverly, you can accentuate the other decorative elements of your home.
The charm of antique mirrors: There is nothing quite so alluring as the charm of an antique or vintage mirror. They all come with a history and many are unique so you will have something quite spectacular that is both functional and a bold statement.
Cleall Antiques has a magnificent collection of large antique mirrors. Browse through our website to find a stunning option to suit your decor, you can even search by size. We have a broad and versatile stock of mirrors in our collection that you can also come and view in person.
So if you are looking for a mirror in a particular shape or style do drop in or contact us.