Find French antique mirrors

The French range of antique mirrors is often classy and elegant looking. There are a number of options that are decorative and can make a charming inclusion in the modern decor. At Cleall Antiques we have a wide variety of mirrors of various styles from simple with elegant lines  to the ornate and traditional looking.
Amongst the ornate French options are the Antique Gesso mirrors, Gilt Mirrors and Crested mirrors etc. Our collection of antique Gesso mirrors are in different shapes like rectangular, ovals, hexagons and other irregular and quirky shapes. The Gilt mirrors have a very regal appearance with their iron frames in gold shades. These look highly decorative and although these are not overly ornate with a lot of carvings or etchings they still look very decorative.

A fine example of an ornate Frecnh mirror is this Absolutely stunning large highly decorative Antique 19th Century French carved wood and gesso distressed painted Cushion Mirror, with fabulous ornate trophy crest above measuring 1 metre 46 cm high and 77 cm wide.

An example of a plainer yet equally elegant Antique French mirror is a Fabulous early Antique 19th Century French carved wood and gesso original silvered etched framed Arched top Louis Philippe Mirror with original mercury mirror and backboards. It measures 1 metre 24 cm high and 72 cm wide

We have some unusual options in store for you. Browse through our antique mirrors to see what suits you best.