Find collection of Antique Silver Mirrors

There is something about antique silver mirrors that is genuinely alluring.

The classic designs, the slightly distressed patina, and the dazzle of silver all work in perfect harmony to create a feel that is full of character. If you have a sudden inclination towards these traditional beauties, we have many in store for you to choose from at Cleall Antiques.

Cleall Antiques is home to one of the finest collections of silver mirrors. Our stock of antique silver mirrors exclusively belongs to the 18th Century through to the 20th Century.

Our selection of antique silver mirrors includes silver wall mirrors, silver framed mirrors, decorative mirrors, large ornate silver mirror, antique gilt mirrors, antique distressed arched top mirror, painted wall Louis Phillippe Mirrors, French painted mirrors and many more.

Amongst our vast selection, there is certainly one for you that will look absolutely stunning in your room or workplace. Visit our website to have a look at our collection.