Double the effect, and pair up your French mirrors

Antique mirrors in pairs are hard to come by, especially in good condition! However, at Cleall Antiques, we have quite a collection of pairs of mirrors.
So if you are looking at incorporating mirrors into your decor, how about doubling the impact with a classic French pair? Pairs of mirrors can be positioned for impact and can also fulfil a functional purpose.

If you are looking for a spectacular duo that stands tall, check this Bistro Pier pair or this Ribbed Framed option. Classic and stunning! Maybe you want to add the magic of gilt frames? Then consider this carved wood pair of mirrors to fit into your contemporary decor. This beautiful pair of distressed mirrors can be hung landscape or portrait.

Gold, silver, gilt and distressed mirrors - the options in our collection are many, and a visit is the best way to see the choice we have, experiment with pairings, or contrasting groups of mirrors. English mirrors, antique French mirrors, old French style mirrors, antique white French gilt mirrors, large white wood mirrors and much more.
Browse our large and versatile stock of mirrors to incorporate into your decorative theme. We can help achieve the effect you are after!