Design Delightful Interior Spaces with Decorative Framed Mirrors

Decorative mirrors add a touch of elegance. Often the elegantly framed ones are all the more enchanting by reflecting light, adding depth and space or highlighting the decorative elements in the decor by strategically placing the mirror add to the advantage of having good looking mirrors in the decor. if you wish to add a classic framed mirror to the decor there are various options from which to choose.
The gilt framed mirrors effortlessly add a touch of drama and elegance in any room. These frames give them a sophisticated edge and add to the decorative element of a contemporary decor. The mirrors come in different  finishes like silver, gold, bronze, champagne or grey which give you a choice to add a finish that complements your decor the best. The shapes are versatile and these mirrors are available in various sizes. If you have a very sleek modern space you have the simple ones and for the traditionally decorated spaces there are the heavily ornate ones available that make the classiest focal point in any decor.


Some think that the wooden frames have a very earthy and rustic appeal. Amongst the wooden frames there are carved and there are simple options you can go for depending on the tone of your interior.
At Cleall Antiques we have a wide range of decorative framed mirrors. We have various antique French mirrors such as Louis Philippe Mirrors, Oval Crested Mirrors, Silver Antique Mirrors and French Cushion Mirrors etc.

A wonderful example of a pair of decoartive mirrors is this Very useful Pair of Antique 19th Century English carved wood & gesso gilt Mirrors, that can be used landscape or portrait. Each measures 54 cm high and 46 cm wide

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