Choosing the Right Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors come in an astonishing variety of styles right from richly ornate to simply elegant with clean lines. With such an astonishing diversity of mirrors that have evolved over the centuries, you have a huge selection to choose from. From valuable and ornate French antique mirrors in gilded frames to the simple mirrors that will sit effortlessly even in contemporary decor, the variety is stunning.

There is an interesting history behind the origin of antique mirrors. Before mirrors came into being, it is believed that people viewed their reflections in water to check their appearance. Back in the 6,000 BC era in Anatolia, which is modern-day Turkey, the first mirror-like objects were possibly created by polishing stones to make a flat, reflective surface. This reflective surface was believed to have been made out of volcanic obsidian.

Some of the ancient civilisations made use of polished metals to produce the mirror effect. Metal-backed glass mirrors similar to the ones that we use nowadays were believed to have been first produced in ancient Rome. As a result of their popularity throughout history, Antique mirrors are available in many different shapes and styles. All you need to do is find the perfect one to suit your home. Antique mirrors with original glass are valuable and often look beautifully distressed which adds to the mysterious charm of your decor.

When there are so many options available how do you select the right antique mirror? Here are a few pointers:

Always buy from a reputed antique dealer. There are plenty of copycats out there. Especially when buying online, make sure that you are buying from a dealer who is genuine. A little background check always helps. Buying from a reputable dealer also means that the valuation will be on point and all the information about the piece will be legitimate.

A good dealer will be upfront about restorations. It is always better to have a clear idea about repairs and alterations done on the piece should there be a possibility of selling in the future.

Antiques need to be cared for, so think about whether you’ll have the time to provide the required levels of maintenance. In the case of gilded mirrors for instance, additional care is often necessary.

While buying an antique mirror making sure that it fits the decor properly is important. This is true especially in the case of ornate ones - simple mirrors are relatively easier to incorporate in the decor. If you are thinking of functional use such as opening up space or making the room brighter, a large floor-length mirror will do the job well. Identifying the right mirror is always easy when the purpose is clear.
But if you just fall in love with a piece, do not think too much. Just go with your gut and you will be able to make a beautiful space for the mirror you choose!

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