Choose the perfect decorative framed mirror including antique French mirrors

Gilt Frames – The mirrors with gilded frames can effortlessly add a touch of drama and elegance in a room. These make a very sophisticated inclusion in the contemporary decor. The different metallic finishes include silver, gold, bronze, champagne or grey. The shapes are versatile and these are available in all kinds of sizes. Amongst these you have the simple ones as well as the heavily ornate ones that that can make the classiest focal point in any decor.
Wooden – For those looking for something simple and earthy, wooden frames for mirrors make the perfect choice. These have a very natural appearance and work well with different decor styles. Amongst the wooden frames too there are carved and the simple options you can go for depending on your requirement.
Mirrored – There are mirrored frames available too that make an interesting inclusion. Mirrored frames work fairly well in the contemporary spaces and bring in a very chic vibe.

A typical highly decorative mirror is this wonderful  delightful highly decorative large Antique 19th Century French carved wood and gesso painted Mirror, with fabulous bird and flowered decoration above and to either side and original bevelled mercury mirror.
Measurements are 1 metre 70 cm high, 93 cm wide and 8 cm deep

Before making a choice, you should always consider the purpose. Whether the mirror is for functional purpose alone or decorative too? Consider also frameless mirrors.

The choice of the kind of frames also depends on whether you want the mirror to stand out or if the understated elegance is good enough. These are a few things that you can consider before choosing your framed mirrors.

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