Check out our Collection of Fine 19th Century French Antique Carved Wood and Gesso Mirrors

With their ornate carvings and the regal appeal of that luscious golden colour tone, antique gesso gilt mirrors have an unmistakeable air of elegance about them. These impressive French designs have always been known for their exuberance – and their inclusion, as part of any classical Gallic interior design, is guaranteed to bring decorative sophistication. 

The 19th-century French gesso mirrors in our collection all typically feature large, ornate frames which look very ornamental. It is this exquisite framing that makes these mirrors such statement pieces and so pleasing to the eye.

They also age gracefully, which is why most of the beautiful mirrors in our collection are in excellent condition. And since a gilt surface does not tarnish in the same way that silver does, they retain their original charm completely, without much need for restoration. Our collection is notable for its versatility and we’re delighted to report that these exquisite mirrors are available in a variety of  shapes and sizes. Take this large, fabulously decorative Antique French carved wood & gesso mirror, for instance. This example, with its wonderful ornate cherub crest at the top, is elegance personified! 

Or how about this stunning large Antique French carved wood & gesso mirror, which retains its original silver/gilt finish? Note, the highly ornate rope twist flower frame at the top, which gives this piece unique appeal.

At Cleall Antiques, we also have a number of mirror options available in pairs. They will always make a big impact on your décor! Check out this beautiful French pair of mirrors, as an example. 

There are a number of equally aesthetic and very appealing French originals in our collection. Browse through and see what takes your fancy.