Bistro Pier Mirrors

Pier glass mirrors get their name very simply from being designed to be placed on a pier, a wall between two windows that support an upper structure.
Bistro pier mirrors were designed to hang over a pier table which were tables supported by a single column or pier. They were long and tall in shape to fit the space. Pier glass mirrors were usually hanging mirrors or mirrored glass affixed to the pier. The shape in both cases was the same and design often matched that of the windows of the establishment. These mirrors were a common decorating element of the 18th-century homes and reception rooms.
At Cleall Antiques, amongst our stunning stock of antique mirrors, we have some simple yet elegant examples. This stunning mirror in our collection is an Antique French 19th Century Carved Wood and Gesso Painted Bistro Pier Mirror. It still has its original distressed mercury mirror and backboards. This particular mirror can be used in versatile ways be it landscape or portrait, as a floor standing mirror or dressing mirror.
Mirrors of this kind sit very well in contemporary homes thanks to their simple appeal. Most of our examples aren't overly ornate and are more about simplistic elegance. We have this particular bistro pier mirror available with us as an individual piece or in pairs.
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