Antique wall mirrors

There's no fun in having a boring mirror when you can have decoratively appealing and amazingly functional large wall mirrors in your decor instead! Large mirrors open up the space and make it look larger, whilst also reflecting light to brighten up the room. These can also be placed in front of a window to mirror your beautiful outdoors or alternatively in front of a decorative object to increase its exposure.

Add aesthetically appealing antique mirrors to the mix and you have a clear decorative winner, with many benefiting from a distressed patina that adds to the dramatic effect of the piece. At Cleall Antiques, we have a wonderful collection of full-length wall mirrors.

A wall mirror is functional and at the same time does not take up a lot of space - making them the ideal choice for smaller rooms and areas where the space is limited. Antique floor-length mirrors with good-looking frames can dramatically add to the look and feel of a room. Wall mirrors can work their magic not only in a bedroom or bathroom but also in hallways or living rooms as well.

We have a few Bistro pier mirrors in our collection that are a class apart. These were designed to hang over a pier table and were supported by a single column. Bistro mirrors are long and tall in shape. These mirrors were a common element in the decoration of 18th-century homes and reception rooms and can make a classic inclusion in the homes of today as well.

Overmantle mirrors are another type of wall mirror that was typically seen placed over a mantelpiece or were against the wall over a fireplace. These offer another option that can effortlessly transform the look of a room in an elegant way!

We have many such landscape and portrait options in our collection. If you are looking for a good wall mirror, Cleall Antiques should definitely be your first port of call. Visit our latest stock page to have a look at our selection of mirrors.