Antique French Style Mirrors

When it comes to Antique French Mirrors, there has been a vast history and legacy of the design eras - including some of the most stunning examples of mirrors from the world of French Antique Mirrors. The world of French decorative antiques has seen a lot of different notable style periods each bringing in its own set of wow factors to the various designs.
While some styles saw more opulence, larger proportions, and rich carvings, some were often simpler with less lavish mouldings and having more of a geometric look. French mirrors often featured columns, hand bevelled designs and panelling too.
The popularity of the French style continued from the 19th right through to the 20th centuries, spanning over different style periods. Many of the French antique mirrors sought inspiration from luxurious royal furniture that is capable of invoking an air of royalty and decadence. In contrast, the French country style gave you mirrors with more of an earthy appeal and pieces that are simpler and yet quite elegant!
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