Advantages of Large French mirrors

Antique French Mirrors are elegant and classy and bring a lot of character and drama into any room they are incorporated.

These decorative mirrors are also antique and become the focal point of any setting quite effortlessly. They can be used in any space, be it a bedroom as a dressing mirror, in hallways or as bathroom mirrors.

There are a number of advantages of incorporating a classic large mirror in your home. Mirrors, when used cleverly, can be the heroes of home decor!

  • For starters, French designs are amazingly classic and elegant. Timeless, and can effortlessly bring a sophisticated charm to a decor. The chic look can beautifully complement an otherwise plain space.
  • Antique mirrors are aesthetically appealing, charming and elegant. The floor length ones especially can be put to different uses in the home.
  • Unlike any other decorative art, mirrors are both decorative and useful too.
  • Large mirrors are incredibly functional. They can be used in a small space to create an illusion of space. A large mirror in a small room can easily make the room appear double in size.
  • In rooms that lack light, the mirrors can be cunningly used to brighten up the space by reflecting light. Placing it opposite a window can really help.
  • The distressed, mottled look of the mirrors has another advantage of adding a visual aesthetic to your space that is both unique and elegant. The aged distressed look adds an intriguing element to the look of the space.
  • A worn charm can add a stark contrast to a clean and modern contemporary decor.
  • A floor length mirror in your entryway or hallway is great for a last minute check of your appearance before heading out too. 

At Cleall Antiques we have some fine examples of French Antique floor standing mirrors in stock for you. For customers living in the right area, we offer a trial view service to those who would like to try out a particular piece or pieces before buying. We have a beautiful collection sourced mainly from France and mainland Europe, coming from French chateaux's and closing down cafes and bistros as examples. We continue updating our stock so there is always something for everyone’s taste and décor. Browse through to have a look at the available options.

We have a clever search engine on our antique and decorative mirrors website home page too. Here when you add the desired height/width of your mirror it will bring up all the mirrors which we have in stock within your size range. This saves you scrolling through all of our many mirrors.

We share a passion for original antique 19th Century mirrors and we have many clients who come back to us again and again. We hope we can help you with your requirements and would love to hear from you.