Add a Full Length Wall Mirror to your Home

A full length mirror can do a lot more than just giving you a full length view of yourself. As we have mentioned in our earlier posts, mirrors can be strategically placed and used for a variety of functional purposes like:-

- to open up a space by creating an illusion by reflection of space
- to reflect light and increase the natural brightness.

Antique mirrors are a decorative delight with their distressed patina which gives them a very mysterious appeal.
At Cleall Antiques we have a stunning variety of full length decorative mirrors that will make a great inclusion in your home. Incorporating these mirrors in the decor will usually uplift the decorative appeal of your place in the most subtle manner since these are more about understated elegance rather than ornate extravagance.
Our beautiful collection includes a versatile variety of antique mirrors including antique French mirrors, large ornate mirrors, beautiful ornate gilt mirrors, large ornate wall mirrors, ornate full length standing mirrors, mirror frames, black ornate mirrors, French ornate mirrors alongside other decorative antiques.
All the pieces are unique and prove to be stunning additions to the décor while adding their own charm to the surrounding.
One fine example is this Superb large Antique 19th Century French carved wood distressed painted Mirror. With  its simple column frame and fabulous original bevelled mercury mirror it is ideal for hanging or equally useful as a floor standing mirror.

It measures:
2 metre 13 cm high
1 metre 16 cm wide at bottom
1 metre 27 cm wide at top

Browse our full stock of antique and decorative English and French mirrors on our website.