A Guide to Using Large Wall Mirrors

 Mirrors, particularly antique decorative mirrors, are often a wonderful inclusion in the home decor. Whilst these look stunning independently they also can highlight and reflect the other stunning elements of your home decor. Illusion of a larger space, reflecting light and offering multiple views of all nearby elements are just some of the affects best achieved by mirrors.
Mirrors fit in seamlessly giving you a clever way to make your space appear bigger and brighter. For instance, placing large mirrors in front of the windows will open up the space as well as reflect light changing the look of your space for the better.
Placing the mirrors behind a light source, such as behind a candle or some sort of a lamp will help cast a wonderful glow in the room creating an ambient setting.
In a relatively minimalist room, a large mirror can become a focal point of the room. Sometimes less is more and a simple mirror can also do wonders to the decor.
Placing mirrors on opposite walls can be a great way of visually expanding a space.

Entry ways can benefit with the presence of mirrors too and many prefer this as they provide the last chance to view one selk before stepping into the next envirnment.
Dining rooms are also a favourite amongst many designers for placing mirrors. Especially where there is an ambient set up, where mirrors enhance the look of the place.
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