Why Are French Antique Mirrors so Popular?

There are so many reasons why antique French mirrors are so popular, be they gilt, painted mirrors or decorative mirrors.

Ffirstly they are compatible with the typical English home now as they work very well with the old and new furniture and also look fabulous against the most colours in vogue in our homes today. i.e the colours from Farrow and Ball and Little Green Company etc.

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Elegant and Classy Floor Standing Mirrors

 Cleall Antiques for your one stop solution for your antique and decorative mirrors.
If you are looking for antique French mirrors or others both large and small,
including large antique floor standing mirrors, you should check out our collection
at Cleall Antiques.

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So What is Good About Silver Framed Mirrors?

Mirrors are not only practical but also they help brighten up, open up and beautify your home. Carefully incorporated mirrors in a decor goes a long way in making a place look aesthetically very appealing and artistic. In addition these mirrors tend to 'open up' a space by making it seem larger and spacious. Placed in front of large window with a great view allows you to capture the picture perfect view that changes with time.

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Antique furniture at Cleall Antiques

Cleall Antiques is home to one of the largest collection of all kinds of mirrors. Our huge collection includes a wonderful selection of large/floor standing mirrors, overmantal mirrors, landscape/portrait mirrors, gilt /painted mirrors, decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors etc.
However in addition to decorative mirrors we carry a select collection of good antique furniture.

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Just sold a Mirror to Ralph Lauren in Hong Kong along with Mirrors going to second homes in Spain and France. New stock arriving in this week from France and Belgium, with lots of unique Mirrors from a Chateaux in the South of France, also stock coming in from several Paris Bistros and Bars.

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Where to Find 19th Century Mirrors

 If you are looking out for a quality vintage /antique decorative mirror you have come to the right place.

Cleall Antiques is undisputedly one of the largest suppliers of quality antique decorative French and English antique mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our very large and versatile stock consists of more than 400 mirrors in different forms. These includes large floor standing mirrors, overmantal mirrors, landscape and portrait mirrors, gilt and painted mirrors, decorative crested mirrors and pairs of mirrors and a lot more.

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Video Stock Update

We have produced a short video about our large stock of decorative mirrors! Please watch it

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Antique Bathroom Mirrors - Why and How You Should Consider Them

Mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom, but many a times the style aspect is not considered when it comes to these. If mirrors can be great accents for your rooms, why not use these as accents for your bathrooms as well. Mirrors add a touch of sparkle to any room. So these can be considered to add a decorative element in your bathrooms as well. If you love all that is vintage/antique and want to create a bathroom to follow the theme of your otherwise traditional look or even a standalone theme, mirrors are the best options to help achieve the look.

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A Guide to Using Large Wall Mirrors

 Mirrors, particularly antique decorative mirrors, are often a wonderful inclusion in the home decor. Whilst these look stunning independently they also can highlight and reflect the other stunning elements of your home decor. Illusion of a larger space, reflecting light and offering multiple views of all nearby elements are just some of the affects best achieved by mirrors.

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